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How I deal with Pressure from my Parents

Currently listening to Self-control by Frank Oceans. I’m writing this post just a few minutes after my mum has decided to stress me. There are some days I just want to move out of this house and avoid the stress from my parents. WHO ELSE CAN RELATE!! You could be doing too much or not… Continue reading How I deal with Pressure from my Parents

Adulthood, Lifestyle, Self-Growth

20 Questions Every 20s Should Ask Themselves (PART 2)

Do you also crave for food around 1 am/2 am whenever you stay up all night? Because that's exactly how I feel right now!! Despite the fact that I ate Amala and ewedu with goat meat few hours ago… Help me!! But that's not the gist for today.. This is a continuation of the post… Continue reading 20 Questions Every 20s Should Ask Themselves (PART 2)

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LESSONS FROM JUNE: #ReginaLiving01

Currently listening to How He Loves Us by David Crowder Band. A lot of internal battles won. This month would have been just like another month passing by but God had his plans for me and Who am I not to allow God! I’ve been so sad, depressed and frustrated from March, April and May.… Continue reading LESSONS FROM JUNE: #ReginaLiving01